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Opium is an universal protocol,
to create, settle and trade any derivative.

Open network is an open source set of smart contracts based on Ethereum.

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What is a derivative and how it works.


Alice and Bob are two counterparties with different views on the price of gold.

Some people make predictions, others hedge their assets. Alice thinks the price of Gold will go up. Bob thinks the price will go down. They both place a margin of 20% in a contract.

In this example, the contract will expire in 5 months.

By that time the price can go up or down. 
In the Opium Protocol contract can’t be executed before maturity. Even though the price of an asset can go far up or down from the future price.

At maturity (in 5 months) price went down 15% of future price.

If Alice had a long position and Bob had a short position, Bob would receive his 20% of collateral back and also 15% from that of Alice. Alice will only get 5% back, losing 15% to Bob, as she was wrong at her market view.

Why is Opium the best protocol to
create and operate derivatives?


How can I use opium network

Create derivatives using swap rate Swaprate screenshot

SWAP.RATE is a platform where you can hedge against or take advantage of the interest rate fluctuations in the DeFi lending and borrowing.

Trade derivatives using Opium Exchange opium.exchange screenshot

Opium.Exchange is an open trading platform for virtually all derivatives.

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Futures code example

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CDS code example

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The team

The Opium Protocol is designed by a team of professional traders, mathematicians and programmers with a ton of experience in their field. Big parts of economies are in hands of centralized agents that exploit their positions. We are convinced that they are not necessary any longer. We designed the Opium Protocol to ensure transparent, fair and open financial markets.